History of the Building and the Park County Senior Center: 

The Park County Senior Center has a long history of bringing life to the people of Park County. The people and physical building have a rich history that has shaped this historic community.

In 1909 the building that is now the Park County Senior Center was constructed as the Yellowstone Hotel.  At that time (just as now) Livingston was a popular stop over for tourists journeying to Yellowstone National Park on Northern Pacific passenger trains.  The Yellowstone Hotel and others like it provided places where tourist could get a good nights sleep and a bath before heading into the Park or their journey home.

The Park County Senior Citizens organization formed in 1968.  We leased the 206 South Main ground floor portion of the building for a meeting center.  Livingston merchants occupied other portions of the ground floor.  In the early 1970’s the building owner, Wayne Waggoner, sold the entire building to the Park County Senior Citizens for $68,000.  That debt was paid off in early 1987.

At that time, the senior center members (aprrox 500 at that time) started to remodel the upper floors of the building into living quarters for seniors.  The transformation of the hotel into apartments was a boot strap operation using volunteer member labor and donations of whatever material that was available at the time.

2009 Renovation:

In 2005 it was found that the city of Livingston required a fire suppression sprinkler system to be installed in the entire building.   The cost was estimated at $300,000 so the Center Board decided to apply for a federal grant to facilitate its installation.

As the money was being raised it was found that the building needed several other structural and electrical upgrades in addition to the sprinklers.  The estimated cost of the safety and beautification measures totaled more than 1.5 million dollars.  Two separate federal grants were attained:  The Community Development Block Grant for $450,000 and the HOME Grant for $500,000.  They were received in 2008.  In addition to the Grant funds, the Center was to put up $125,000 and do extensive fundraising.  In addition to the $1,129,00 in grants and donations, the Center had to take out an additional loan to cover the costs of the final transformation.

To this end, the PCSCC is still funded by individuals, companies and other entities interested in preserving the safe, whole, and beneficial welfare of the seniors of Livingston and Park County.

The Park County Senior Center still houses 24 low-income seniors on the 2nd and 3rd Floors. All residents live independently and must qualify to live here.

We do all of our programming, activities and maintenance through a balance of membership, donations, commerical enterprise, building rent, grants, and sales from the Thrift Store. All of our activities and events are designed to bring together the senior community in a healthy and meaningful way. We try to focus on cross-generational interactions as much as possible by using volunteers and other community organizations (like the Girl Scouts and others) to help support our efforts. We believe that the Seniors of Park County are a great resource and have much to offer.  We also know that the newest generations have many things to offer our seniors.

The Park County Senior Center offers community events and resources that benefit the families and loved ones of the aging. We host community resource events, hold seminars, and encourage participation from all ages for any of our events.

Within the Park County Senior Center are the separate but cooperative entities of Meals on Wheels (where a noon meal is served each day for $4.00) and Angel Line Transportation.

Nicole Divine is the Executive Director of the Park County Senior Center and can be reached by phone at 406-333-2276 or email at nicole@parkcountyseniorcenter.com